About Us

We have been on the market long enough to know what our customer need.

Here at  we believe in providing not only the best products but also the best support and service to you our customers.

We understand how much important your home is for you so we believe in empowering everyone to achieve whatever can help them build the house of their dreams. We are here to fulfill the essentials that will enhance the beauty of your dream house. Something special to preserve the uniqueness of art yet accomplishing the task of being elegant. We present you Canvas art that has the potential to give a strong visual statement to the interior of your home. We at “BakeryWorldStyle” present you canvas art that adds a stunning presentation to the walls of your house and depicts the vivacity of your choice. We as a team started with the idea of presenting art lovers’ affordable designs which they will adore. Our niche is the care and concern we put forth in the efforts dedicated to making every single canvas art piece look visually spectacular and creatively original. We are here to make art accessible to everyone.

BakeryWorldStyle heart is in Sofia it is where all the magic happens, there you will find our main office housing  20+ employees from customer service to product managers. The whole team is committed to providing low price, high quality products and professional services to global customers.

With our products you can make it easy and what’s more – be 100 % pleased with the results.

Years of experience and dedicated work have earned us the trust of 5000+ satisfied customers. In addition to offering discount offers every now and then we also offer permanent discount codes for our valuable customers. We use top of the notch technology in manufacturing that ensures a 100 % eco-friendly process as we use modern equipment that stands up to world class standards. In addition to canvas art, we also offer kitchen accessories and home decoration products. Our specialty lies in providing you a diversified list of options while selecting the canvases. We provide a lot of different models and size variations. Only ones in the industry that offer the choice of adding or dropping the frame in order to meet the affordability of our customers.

We deal with every task under personal supervision from start to end to ensure that the quality of our products is up to the mark. We maintain the competency of our services so that our customers can get quality products without any hassle. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We make sure that our clients never settle for anything less than the best so we put forth the required passion, commitment, and quality of work in bringing the top of the notch canvas art.

Every material we work with is highest quality, durable, odorless, hygiene and meets HACCP standards. The kitchen accessories are made of stainless steel, aluminum and silicone of high quality. In addition, we are proud to say that offer some interesting products that save time and facilitate unpleasant or boring cooking chores – we are confident you will find them useful.

Furthermore our expertise in the business allows us to provide knowledgeable assistance if you have any questions for our products.

We hope you enjoy shopping on our website. Take a look at our catalog and order without no mistrust – we offer a great guarantee for your money and also options to return or exchange the products.